Content Management System

If you want visitors to keep coming back to your website, you need to update the content regularly.

We offers four versions of our proprietary Content Management System so you can update your website whenever you wish.

Key features

  • Fully customised page style to give your website a distinctive look and feel that complements your offline media. Complete separation of content and page design ensures a consistent appearance and easy future upgrades to page layout. Almost any HTML page template can be used with the CMS, so you are free to work with your preferred web design agency and the are very few restrictions on layout.
  • Pages optimised for search engines and published to standards compliant HTML for rapid downloading, good accessibility, and reliable search engine indexing. The CMS gives you full control of meta tags, and automatic generation of site maps that can be submitted to all the major search engines in just a few clicks.
  • Powerful but easy to use content editor with all the standard word processing features including spell checking and undo. Links and images can be dragged and dropped into the page, and advanced users will enjoy the control and flexibility of editing the HTML directly. You can preview your changes before you publish, and revert back to the original version if you change your mind.
  • Integrated with your other online systems for order management, product databases, user account management, sales reports, or whatever else you need. The CMS can be extended with custom functionality so you can manage all aspects of your website from a single control panel. Unlike “out of the box” content management systems, the CMS is designed and developed completely in-house, and can grow and adapt to meet the changing requirements of your business.
  • Drag and drop menu structure allows you to easily restructure your website and have the menu system automatically rebuilt. If you change the name of a page, all the references to it will be automatically updated, so you don’t end up with broken links.
  • Site-wide search lets you easily find the content you want to update. Key information can be stored in common settings and re-used across the site, so you only have to update them in one place.
  • Support for multi-lingual websites so you can publish your websites in several different languages and extend your reach to a European or worldwide marketplace.
  • Publish your site across multiple domains but still organize it within a single menu structure and link the pages across domains. You can generate more traffic by registering domains containing key search terms, and integrate them seamlessly into your website.
  • SSL encrypted secure web control panel so you can safely update your website from any internet connection. All your staff can have their own user account, and you can keep track of who changes and publishes each page of the site.

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