Custom Backup Software

A robust data backup process can be critical to business continuity, particularly for companies with e-commerce or custom websites. Like all computers, file servers and web servers can fail, and if they do, you need to recover the data quickly and reliably.

Every client has different backup needs, and out-of-the-box solutions do not always provide the best compromise. For each type of data, you need to consider how often should you take a backup? How long should you keep it? Where should you store it?

RADsite can help you analyse your backup needs, and then develop custom software for you to automate the process. We can also help with designing and testing a disaster recovery plan to ensure you can quickly recover from a serious failure.

Cloud storage is an increasingly attractive option for backing up and archiving large data files. Amazon S3 offers a very low cost and high reliability solution that is ideal for automated backups.

We have developed solutions for our clients to automatically back up, compress, and transfer data to remote servers or Amazon S3 cloud storage.

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